Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Kalimba and Guitar Lessons
What Chord Combinations Feel Right?

Here are the basic triads for the alto, treble, pentatonic, and 8-note kalimbas in their standard tunings.

Two weeks ago, I asked you to write down the chords you know, and even gave you a suggested list of chords for the Alto or Treble kalimbas. Last week, I asked you to practice going back and forth between all possible combinations of two chords, and also to make a note of which pairs of chords you like best.

Two chords played one after the other comprises a simple chord progression. When you are practicing, you probably want to go back and forth quickly. However, when you arr writing a song, you may choose to stay on the chords longer, or even stay on one chord for 6 beats and the other chord for 2 beats (and repeat). These chord combinations are the beginning of song writing.

Even though we are restricting ourselves to pairs of chords, I am inviting you to go crazy within these narrow confines. Explore and experiment. When you play each chord, say the name out loud so you really learn what chord it is. And of course, next week we'll do something new with these chords.