Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Melody & Harmony
The Minor Pentatonic Scale

If you are familiar with the Native American flute, or if you have been or have known a high school kid who plays the "pentatonic blues scale" on the guitar, you know the minor pentatonic scale. It is a 5 tone scale, but the notes it possesses are the 1, minor 3 (flatted 3rd), 4, 5, and minor 7 (flatted 7th).

In order to play the G minor pentatonic scale, you would need to retune some of your notes - i.e, flatting them. However, the E minor pentatonic scale and the A minor pentatonc scales can both be played on the Alto kalimba without modification.

Major Pentatonic

Download the KTabS file for this music.

Listen to the A minor and E minor pentatonic scales.