Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Next Steps for 8-Note Kalimba Players
The 8-Note and the 12-Note

Children, as well as adults who are uncertain of their musical abilities can learn how to play kalimba on the 8-Note, and many do. When one has become proficient on the 8-Note, the natural question is where to turn? One logical next instrument is the 12-Note kalimba.

Relation between 8 and 12 Note Kalimbas

Listen to this explanation of the relationship between the 8-Note kalimba and the Catania 12-Note kalimba.

By the way, Steve Catania has a numbers-based instructional book for the 12-Note Kalimba, and Kalimba Magic has recently come out with its own set of tablature exercises for the 12-Note Kalimba.