Thursday, December 16, 2010
The Original African Mbira - The Student Karimba
An Instrument for Learning Traditional African Music

The Hugh Tracey African Karimba

The Wednesday Tips will be dealing with the Mbira Cycle - the key to understanding African mbira music - in the coming weeks and months. Part of the journey of exploration will take us through what i call the Karimba Cycle, which is half of the Mbira Cycle. The Karimba music is more primitive (roots go back to 1300 years ago), and the mbira music is more advanced (this transition in complexity took place around 900 years ago).

The Hugh Tracey African-Tuned Karimba can be your companion on this journey. But as the Karimba and Mbira Cycles are presented in terms of western chords, you can learn these fundamentals of Shona African music on any instrument - a guitar, a piano, a bagpipe, or even an Alto Kalimba.