Thursday, December 9, 2010
The Original African Mbira - The Student Karimba
A Book to Familiarize You with the Full Karimba's Core

Student Karimba
The Student Karimba

The Student Karimba is my attempt to revitalize what Andrew Tracey called the kalimba core and the original mbira. However, if you have a full 15-note or 17-note karimba, the Student Karimba book can still be of great value.

On these instruments, the most important notes are the ones on the lower row. The upper notes? On the right they are tuned in octaves to the lower row notes, and on the left they are tuned in 5th to the lower row notes. Hence, they sort of echo the lower notes, they chime in with embellishments. But the core melodies and even the core harmonies exist within these eight notes.

So if you have the full karimba, it can still be a very useful thing for you to study the Student Karimba book to become more familiar with the core of your instrument.

Read detailed description of the Student Karimba book from our November 2010 newsletter.

The Hugh Tracey Karimba can play everything in the Student Karimba book.