Thursday, August 27, 2009
The G Chromatic Kalimba
Nowhere Man by Lennon/McCartney

Many people have written to me to request the tablature for Nowhere Man, which I perform on YouTube on the Bb Treble kalimba. A few people have commented that I am missing a note - the minor third of the IV chord, which is on the "NO" of "Making all his NO-where plans for nobody." Of course, I couldn't do anything about that note, because I didn't have it.

But now, if you own a G Chromatic Kalimba, you DO have that note. The IV chord is C major, and the minor 3rd of the C chord is Eb, which is conveniently placed on the back side of the kalimba right behind the E natural.

Nowhere Man tab
Tablature for the first seven bars of Nowhere Man.

You can download the tablature in KTabS format for the whole song.

This is typical of the use of the chromatic notes on the kalimba - it doesn't take much, in this case, a single note (Eb) which is played only three times in the song. But that note adds an important dimension to the song!