Thursday, June 23, 2011
Student Karimba Riff 2: A fast, short riff, variation 1

In this video I demonstrate five variations of Riff 2. This series of Thursday tips will show you how to play all You can learn all five variations of this riff.

The tablature for variation 1 is shown here:

Tablature for variation 1 of this
student karimba riff #2

The Goshen Student Karimba is available at the Kalimba Magic Shop - it is quite economical for students at $32.

The Student Karimba Book is also available - it contains simple songs as well as some more complex traditional tunes for the karimba. If you are teaching a class, buy one book and several karimbas, and make copies of the songs you are actually learning. Or better yet - scan the images of the tablature and project them onto the screen in your classroom!