Thursday, June 9, 2011
Student Karimba Riff 1: Easy Riff with Kushaura/Kutsinhira Parts

The Student Karimba is a fantastic way for children to learn about African Music. While this riff is not traditional, it is related to the body of traditional karimba music. The cool thing about this video is the technique of doubling the riff and delaying it by half a beat, resulting in two interlocking parts that let the notes fly twice as fast as what an individual could do. In other words, African music is sometimes about utilizing multiple people - involving the community - to achieve something that is impossible for a single person to achieve.

The Goshen Student Karimba is available at the Kalimba Magic Shop - it is quite economical for students at $32.

The Student Karimba Book is also available - it contains simple songs like this one as well as some more complex traditional tunes for the karimba. If you are teaching a class, buy one book and several karimbas, and make copies of the songs you are actually learning. Or better yet - scan the images of the tablature and project them onto the screen in your classroom!