Thursday, February 4, 2010
The Primal Karimba
A Chemutangure Riff

This February, in conjunction with Black History Month, we celebrate the African Karimba, or mbira nyunga nyunga.

Primal Karimba
The 8 notes of the original karimba, with the number of
each interval (.e., 1 = root, or "Do", 5 = 5th, or "Sol").

This is a fantastic little instrument that reaches way far back in the African mind, a window into African thought some 1300 years back.

Many people tell me that traditional African music doesn't have chord progressions, but this little riff IS a chord progression.

Listen to this Chemutangure riff, or even download the KTabS file.

This riff is based on the basic variation of
Chemutangure, from Paul F Berliner's
book, The Soul of Mbira.