Thursday, January 28, 2010
The Primal Karimba
A Simple Piece - with a Kutsinhira Variation

Primal Karimba
The 8 notes of the original karimba, with the number of each interval (i.e., 1 = root, or "Do", 5 = 5th, or "Sol").

Just to remind you about the Kushaura and Kutsinhira Parts (read all about them here).

While playing the very simple original Kushaura (i.e., downbeat, or leading) part, the more advanced players can add a more complex variation for the Kutsinhira (i.e., offbeat, following) part:

Kutsinhira Variation
You can download the KTabS file for this Kutsinhira variation, and if you don't have the Kushaura part, you can also download it.

By the way, you can easily learn how to get KTabS to play these two parts at the same time if you want to see how it goes.

While the individual parts are all very simple, complex music can be built up fairly quickly in this method.