Thursday, January 21, 2010
The Primal Karimba
A Simple Piece - Doubled

Primal Karimba
The 8 notes of the original karimba, with the number of each interval (i.e., 1 = root, or "Do", 5 = 5th, or "Sol").

After you teach everyone to play this simple piece (see last week's tip), you can split in two and have one group echo the other group. This is a real technique used with traditional mbira music. One group will play one the beats, and the other group will play in the first groups' gaps, or on the "and" of the beats, with the exact same notes.

These two parts are called the Kushaura and Kutsinhira Parts (read all about them here).

Second Part
You can download the KTabS file for this offbeat version and, if you don't have last week's on-beat version, you can download it here.

By the way, you can easily learn how to get KTabS to play these two parts at the same time if you want to see how it goes.

When I taught this to the Quaker kids, I first had everyone do the first part - Kushaura - and I echoed them on the offbeats with the Kutsinhira part. I was then able to ask individuals to jump to the offbeats with me.