Thursday, January 14, 2010
The Primal Karimba
A Simple Piece

Primal Karimba
The 8 notes of the original karimba, with the number of each interval (i.e., 1 = root, or "Do", 5 = 5th, or "Sol").

Here is a very simple piece, which is representative of African chord progressions. The right hand does the same note most of the time, and then shifts to another note and then back to the original note. The left hand does the same thing, but it shifts to the other note in the 4th measure instead of the 2nd measure.

Another way to look at this - each measure consists of a two note figure made by going Right and Left, and then repeated to fill the four note measure.

This can be repeated all day long.

An Easy Primal 
Karimba Piece
You can download the KTabS file for this piece.

I taught this music to a group of 4-7 year olds recently using the kalimba map technique. I make a large diagram which is a map of the kalimba, complete with the interval number for each tine. The actual kalimba tines are also marked with these numbers. I swat the "tines" on the diagram and sing the note number, and get the kids to play the notes after or as I swat them.