Monday, October 30, 2006
Speaking the Kalimba's Language

I've noticed that when I speak German, I hold my mouth and my body in a different way. It is like putting on a new persona. If I don't do that, I might actually speak German in a Texas accent: "Aber Frau Webb, Ich bin von Dallas, Texas!"

Playing different kalimbas is a lot like speaking different languages. You have to hold your hands differently, but it is more than that - you actually hold your body differently too. This is not just true when changing between Alto and Treble (the smaller, closer Treble tines require that you move your thumbs differently than the Alto). It is also true for an older kalimba (with flatter tines) and a newer kalimba (with tines that point up a bit).

The different music that comes out of each kalimba is as much a function of the way you need to hold your body to play it as it is about the different kalimbas.