Monday, October 26, 2009
Doing Two Things at Once
A Guided Improvisation to Explore Your Left and Right Brain Personalities

Here is something I did for the Sansula book - guided improvisations. Have you ever done a guided meditation? This is much the same thing, except that instead of going inside your heart or mind on a meditative trip in response to guiding words, you play your sansula - faster, slower, more rigid, more freely expressive, or whatever you are called to do in reply to the guiding words of the story.

Listen to the guided improvisation - words and Sansula.

Of course, your experience of how your left and right hands (and brains) cooperate may be very different from mine. My story is only a recent discovery - a recent admission that, yes, I often play with right side dominant - but the left side is tricky and finds ways of doing more creative and expressive things.

You can get to know more about the person you are when you explore using both hemispheres with the kalimba.