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Heavenly A Song Book

Even though the standard tuning of the Sansula is enchanting and mystical, there are very few actual songs you can play in that tuning. About four years ago, several people around the world started inventing alternative tunings for the Sansula that would broaden its musical expressiveness. One of those tunings was the Heavenly A tuning, invented by Rick Tarquinio. It turns out that scores of songs can be played in this tuning.

Kalimba Magic has offered some of these songs as a download, but hard copy books with shiny color covers are so much more satisfying! Songs in this book are equally divided among: African American Spirituals, Americana, and Traditional African Karimba Songs.

The songs in this song book are notated with the Kalimba Magic tablature. The notation reads from bottom to top, and each column represents a different tine. The notes on the tablature indicate which tines to play, and how long to wait before you go on to play the next tine. The four upper row tines that are bent up are represented by the four shaded columns in the tablature.

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A Traditional African Tune
Sadza Madya Here, a traditional African Karimba Song.


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