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For the Alto Kalimba and the African Karimba

Just when it seemed the country couldn't get any more polarized, the Wisconsin fiasco happens! Time to break out the old Pete Seeger songs, my friends!

Pete Seeger

Peace and Protest Songs for the Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba

We are pleased to announce a new download of kalimba tablature for purchase: the Kalimba Magic Peace and Protest Song Collection for the Alto Kalimba, available for $8. This download includes the Peace Songs AAA_README file to help you orient yourself, and the PDF and KTabS* files for 30 different songs.

Among the songs on this download, you will find:


Jurij Konje's Karimba Journey

Jurij Konje

Jurij Konje purchased the Hugh Tracey African-tuned Karimba about three years ago, and he has been busy creating new music on it. Most people who create new music on their thumb pianos just create it in their heads and hearts; Jurij wrote his music out, so that he could come back to it a week, a month, or a year later, and it would still be there for him. Or better still - it is there for you and me to learn!

I am excited to announce this collaborative effort between me and Jurij - we are offering 12 of Jurij's karimba compositions as a download. Each song comes in MUSICAL STAFF notation (JPG), Jurij's original hand-written tablature (JPG - his variations are written in an elegant way), KTabS* format, KTabS produced PDF of the tablature, and an MP3 of KTabS playing. Each song has a basic part and a variation.

Jurij's songs are in an African style, with cyclical melodies and variations. Please listen to this excerpt of the song Garden, which is included in the download. Jurij's songs are simple and strong, each evoking an emotional quality or a sense of place. If you enjoyed learning the 10 Traditional African Pieces for Karimba, I think you will also like Jurij's Karimba Journey.

Read the AAA_README file that comes with this download.

Purchase Jurij's Karimba Journey for $10.