The KTabS Notebook
Tablature for Danny Boy in Less Than 10 Minutes

Another in a series of articles providing instruction in the features of the wonderful KTabS, Kalimba Tablature Software...

Here is a video of me using KTabS to create the tablature for Danny Boy, which I give you in another article in this newsletter. KTabS is a remarkable computer program, but very few people in the world actually use it as a tool. Every now and again, I get an idea for how I might help turn the world on to the power and possibilities of KTabS. I hope that once you see me using KTabS to produce the Danny Boy tablature in less than 10 minutes, you will see how useful this program really is for the serious kalimba musician. By the way, you can freely download my collection of 120 KTabS templates, each representing a different kalimba setup or tuning. Using these will help you get up and running with KTabS even faster.

What is KTabS?

KTabS (Kalimba Tablature Software) is a Windows program that is a super effective tool for learning and composing music on the kalimba. The full program is currently $30. You can get the KTabS Reader, an abbreviated version of KTabS that only plays existing KTabS music files (doesn't allow most edits or creating new files), for FREE. To download either version, go to the KTabS store.

KTabS also runs inside of Darwine, a virtual Windows operating system that can run on the Mac or under Linux - meaning that, if you know what you are doing, you can run KTabS on the Mac or under Linux.

There is a growing library of tunes and exercises available in KTabS, much of it for free. Many of the Kalimba Magic Tips of the Day include free KTabS files, and you can purchase the KTabS files for the exercises and songs from the Kalimba Magic books for $5 from the KTabS website. Recently, I have begun offering music downloads consisting of KTabS files and PDFs of the tablature.

If you are just getting started with KTabS, check out the first KTabS Notebook, which provides an extensive Getting Started with KTabS section. You might also want to check out the KTabS FAQs.