Early Christmas Sale: Nov 11-12, 2010

kalimbas on sale

The big news around Kalimba Magic is that we are gathering funds to pay the good people in Africa who make the Hugh Tracey Kalimbas. So, November 11 and 12, we are giving 20% off everything at Kalimba Magic - kalimbas, books, CDs, downloads... This is a great opportunity to get some of your Christmas shopping done - gifts for friends, gifts for yourself. In fact, Christmas music one of our specialties here at Kalimba Magic!

SO - this Thursday and Friday, November 11 and 12 - when you go to check out at the Kalimba Magic Shop, be sure to use the coupon code 20Now to get that 20% off.

If you have trouble purchasing kalimbas online, you can contact me on email or call me at USA (520) 881-4666.

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