Kalimba Project Workshop
Jan 28-30, Essence of Tranquility Hot Springs

Essence of Tranquility Tub
Essence of Tranquility Tub.

Kalimba Magic will be holding a workshop Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Jan 28-30, 2011 at the Essence of Tranquility Hot Springs Resort in Safford, AZ, 2 hours drive from Tucson. The total cost of the workshop will be $150 per person ($90 for campers, $200 if you want a private casita to yourself), including lodging and all day/night access to the hot water in five private baths. Food is not included, but we will have fridges and a kitchen - everyone will bring some food and we will share meals.

This workshop will have a lot of kalimba, but it is a general musicality workshop. Bring your guitar, your Native American flute, your drum, your uke - and by all means bring your kalimbas. We will make music and grow.

There will be lots of one-on-one time at this workshop, so it doesn't really matter what level you play kalimba at, please come if you are inspired to do so.

The focus will be on projects. Each person will select one or more projects to work on, perhaps a song to write, a song to learn, or form a small ensemble and create a performance piece. If you can't come up with a project, I can help you with one.

We will start by sharing what talents and gifts we have to offer to others for their projects, and what project we each wish to do, including any invitations to others for help. Many overlapping groups will spontaneously form, and we will finish by sharing our projects with each other in a performance on Sunday afternoon. We'll record the performaces and send out a CD to all participants about a week after the workshop.

Essence of Tranquility now sleeps over 20 people, more if people want to camp. Low temperatures at night will be around freezing, daytime temperatures in January will be 60-70 unless a storm comes in.

The Essence of Tranquility resort is charming and funky. If you are accustomed to luxury, this is not for you. Swedish Massage is available on site for $65. My wife and I often come here to relax and work on writing kalimba books (the Sansula Book came to life here). We love it! We go soak in one of the five private tubs for about 30 minutes (the water is around 102 deg I believe), then get out and do something else, then get back into the water an hour later. This goes on for as long as we can stay awake - the tubs are available all night long.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please let me know of your preliminary interest. Or if you know you want to attend, please reserve your space now.

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