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The Student Karimba

Student Karimbas
Hugh Tracey, Catania, and Goshen Student Karimbas

It's the kalimba of many names. I call it the Student Karimba or Primal Kalimba. Andrew Tracey calls it the original African mbira and asserts that this is what people were playing in Africa about 1300 years ago. Playing this instrument puts you inside the head of ancient Africans and gives you a first-hand appreciation of their genius.

Back in January of this year, we actually declared the Primal Karimba to be January's kalimba of the month.

(By the way, I use Primal Karimba and Student Karimba interchangeably - it is at once the most ancient kalimba, and it is also a great instrument to learn on, an introduction to the world of African music.)

But, why are we making the same instrument the kalimba of the month again so soon?

A lot has happened since January, and most of it can be found in our brand new book How to Play the Student Karimba.

My dream is to see the Student Karimba taught in the schools. There are a number of reasons why this will benefit students:

Teachers! What an excellent opportunity this can be for you! I advise you to order the Student Karimba Book and a single Student Karimba (or, if you have an 8-Note Kalimba, you can retune it to the Student Karimba's tuning). Then spend a little time, a week or so, with this karimba and the book. If you decide this is an appropriate instrument to teach in your school, please contact me to talk about bulk discounts.

Read more about the new book in another article in this month's newsletter.


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