Instructional Download for the Heavenly A Sansula
20 Songs, Plus the Heavenly A Chords

In this video Mark Holdaway plays his Heavenly A Sansula
Theme Song on the standard Hokema Sansula using
a tuning that was invented by Rick Tarquino.
Tablature for this song is included in the download.

One year ago, Kalimba Magic came out with a great book on playing the Sansula. The only problem was 75% of the book was for the standard Sansula tuning. If you play the Sansula in Heavenly A tuning, there was almost nothing for you in the book - well, the diagrams for chords you can make in this tuning are helpful, but that is it.

By request, Kalimba Magic is happy to announce a download including 20 songs in tablature for the Heavenly A Sansula, available for $8. This download includes tablature PDFs, the KTabS files, and MP3s of my computer speakers playing the 20 songs with KTabS. Also included - in case you don't have the Sansula Book - are the Heavenly A chords and a few pages on how to use the chords. Good stuff!

There were two sorts of songs that work pretty well for this instrument in this tuning: pentatonic songs, and African karimba songs. The complete song list for the Heavenly A download is:

Western Music: African Music:

This instructional download for the Heavenly A Sansula is available only at Kalimba Magic.

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