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Christmas kalimba
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Kalimba Magic is the place to go for kalimba Christmas music:

Picture it: It's Christmas Eve and you sit with your family or stand before your church congregation, you raise your kalimba and begin to pick out the beautiful notes of a wonderful Christmas hymn such as Silent Night or Away in a Manger... Joy fills the room and touches all hearts.

Yes! We have the resources that could make that a reality, but you had better get busy learning your favorite Christmas Carols. There are only 45 practice days left until Christmas!

Our 20% Off Sale November 11 and 12 will make your Christmas purchase all the sweeter.

Christmas Book
Our first Christmas book (published 2005).

Christmas Carols for the Beginner

Kalimba Christmas Carols (32 pages, CD included, $20) has 20 carols for the Alto Kalimba and 7 carols for the Treble Kalimba, though several songs written out for the Alto can be played on the Treble. This book starts out easy and progresses to moderately advanced arrangements. This is a great place to start if you have been playing for a year or less.


Advanced Christmas Books for Alto and Treble

If you have some experience reading tablature and you want to play well, we have two great books for you. A few years ago I had the chance to write out the arrangements of several Christmas carols as I perform them, and last year Sharon Eaton put these together into books for the Alto and Treble kalimbas.

The Advanced Christmas Carols Book for the Alto Kalimba and the Advanced Christmas Carols Book for the Treble Kalimba each have 48 pages and include these 20 Christmas carols:

Christmas CD

A CD of Lovely Christmas Music on the Kalimba

This CD of beautiful, peaceful, kalimba Christmas music will inspire your playing! The music on this CD has become the soundtrack to many people's evolving Christmas traditions.

Kalimba Magic is offering a special: 5 CDs for $50 if you want to get these as special stocking stuffers for friends and family.


Watch the Kalimba Christmas Medley on Video

I will send free Kalimba Christmas CDs to the first two people who tell me the carols on this video:

In this video Mark Holdaway plays the second half of his Christmas medley.


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