What Happened to the Kalimba Magic Calendar?
Not going to happen the way I had planned...

Kalimba Calendar January 2011
Mr. January 2011, Eric Freeman

It is always easier to write about our successes than our failures. For the second year in a row, I have failed to realize my dream of making a Kalimba Magic calendar, featuring a great kalimba and a great kalimba player each month, and also using Glen Davis' stunning kalimba nature photographs.

Why I believed in the Kalimba Magic calendar: The calendar was not just a marketing idea to promote kalimbas. It was a way to promote twelve great kalimba players in the community and to shine a light on what they are doing. The Kalimba Calendar was going to come with a CD with twelve tracks of some of the best kalimba music around. I feel that by promoting these artists' innovations in kalimba music, I would lift awareness of the kalimba, and we would all benefit.

Why the Kalimba Magic calendar isn't happening: The period from July to November 30 is very hard for music instrument sellers everywhere. Sales (and income) are down, yet this is the exact time that I need to build up stock for the holiday season. I have a new load of kalimbas coming in from Africa right now, and I don't have the money to pay for them.

A calendar needs to be ready to go before November 30, meaning the calendar is in direct competition with paying for the kalimbas themselves. I have had a very expansive view of what Kalimba Magic is capable of doing. When the projects are limited by time, effort, or creativity, we often pull through, but when projects are limited by money, sometimes it is a different matter. If I were making the calendar in January, I would have the funds to take it on - but by then, everyone already has a 2011 calendar. Hence, I am letting go of the Kalimba Calendar idea so I won't have to fail a third time. (Don't push the river.)

Early in October, I realized that I would not be able to publish the 2011 Kalimba Calendar and its accompanying CD. The time and effort that would have gone into completing the calendar instead went to completing the Student Karimba Book. As I print small quantities of the books, this project cost less than 10% of what the calendar would have cost, which we can deal with at this time.

What will we do instead of the Kalimba Calendar? I feel that I owe an appology to everyone who hoped to be in the calendar, and especilly to those people whom I have granted a month in the calendar. I still believe in promoting the great kalimba players of the world. And there is a way I can do it using my time, effort, and creativity, with relatively small upfront expense.

Glen Davis photo of Andrew Masters kalimba
Glen Davis photo of Andrew Masters kalimba.

I will feature a different great kalimba or mbira player each month in the newsletter, and we will make some of their music available for sale as MP3s from the Kalimba Magic site, sharing the profits with the musicians. In many cases, we will also feature their CDs for sale at the Kalimba Store. And we'll have an interview with them, so you can see what that musician is about, with the goal of inspiring the entire community of kalimba players in the direction of greatness.

And I will almost surely put out a collective CD when we have a bit more money for doing fun things like this.

And Glen Davis' great photos? We'll use them on the Kalimba Magic website as often as we can!

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