Free Pentatonic Tablature
Song From the Celeste Pentatonic Demo Video

Some time ago, I posted YouTube videos to show people what each of the kalimbas we sell sound and look like. A few people have requested the tablature for the Celeste Pentatonic demo tune.

Celeste Pentatonic Demo

The tablature I am giving you at right is the first phrase of this piece, which follows the amorphous intro. This was an improvisation, and I do not reproduce the improvisation exactly here. Rather, I have written a piece that is somewhat more orderly, though it is based entirely on the improvisation. This tablature works with the Box Pentatonic kalimba or any 11-note Pentatonic kalimba that has been tuned to the G major pentatonic scale.

Download the KTabS* file or the PDF file for the ENTIRE song.