The Pentatonic Kalimba Song Book
A Brand New Book by Mark Holdaway & Kathryn Rambo

Pentatonic Songbook

The cover photo alone is worth the $20 price of this book. Taken atop Picacho Peak in southern Arizona by Glen Davis, this image suggests the exhilarating heights you can achieve if you work at your kalimba playing!

Co-author and music therapist Kathryn Rambo writes in the introduction: This book grew out of a request by a very creative student of mine, Adam, who lives with autism. His uncle had presented him with a Hugh Tracey box Pentatonic kalimba as a gift at Christmas... We started out using material from another of Mark's books, Playing the Pentatonic Kalimba, as well as using a technique that Mark calls guided improvisations, which worked very well for the first few months. But then my student asked to learn some songs he was familiar with, ones he could play for his family...

The Pentatonic Kalimba Song Book, complete with CD, was the answer to Adam's request.

Adam, I'm sorry it took us so long to complete this book! On the other hand, may it serve as a lesson that small miracles can eventually get done. Thank you for the motivation and thank you for the opportunity to create something that will benefit many people! —Mark

The Pentatonic Kalimba Song Book will be available in about 10 days, but you can order it now!

Here's the table of contents:

B = beginner arrangement
I = intermediate arrangement
= advanced arrangement