Kalimba Americana
New Downloadable Collection for the Alto Kalimba

Kalimba Americana

What are your plans for the Fourth of July? Going to a picnic? Watching the fireworks? Just chillin' as the temperature climbs? This year, why not get creative and learn to play some of the great songs in our brand new Kalimba Americana collection, now available as a download for $10!

People have many presuppositions about what you can and cannot do with the kalimba. Some presume the kalimba is a toy and you cannot make real music with it. Others presume that it is just for African music. I like to shatter assumptions, and one way to do that is to explore traditional American songs on the kalimba.

So in celebration of the Fourth of July this year, we are making available to you a download of a wonderful collection of favorite American tunes for $10: Kalimba Americana - 30 Pieces for the Alto Kalimba in tablature (includes both KTabS* and PDF files for each song in the collection).

Eventually we'll come out with the book version of Kalimba Americana. If you've purchased one of our recent books, African American Spirituals, Playing the Sansula, or The Pentatonic Kalimba Song Book, you know they are thoughtfully and artfully executed. Hundreds of hours go into the development of these labors of love. We sell hundreds... eventually. So the work that goes into these books is an investment in the future of Kalimba Magic - but it is also an investment in the future of the greater kalimba community. Envision a time when millions of kalimba players will roam the world leaving peace and joy in their wakes...

The Kalimba Americana book will be a beautiful book, but until published you can get all the content in the form of this tablature download for half the price of the book!

Here's the table of contents: