A Special Family: the Bb Treble, D Treble and Alto

The Bb Treble and Alto

The Bb Treble, D Treble and Alto comprise a special family of kalimbas because, together, they span all 12 western keys. The Bb Treble (my personal favorite!) can be retuned to A, B, Bb, C, or C#, while the D Treble can be retuned to C, C#, D, D#, or E, and the Alto can be retuned to F, F#, G, G#, or A. And the real beauty of this scheme is that every one of these instruments will "look and feel" like the Alto kalimba. This means if you can play a song on the G Alto, you can play it in any key you need without reprogramming your brain and without relearning a thing! It also means that any of the Alto kalimba educational resources can be mobilized to help you with your Bb Treble kalimba, or your D Treble, or any of these differently keyed kalimbas.

This innovation is grounded in Hugh Tracey's foresight in the way he painted the tines on his Alto and Treble kalimbas over 50 years ago. Running with this well-known scheme, we have expanded it to cover all 12 keys. This is nothing short of a revolution in the kalimba world.

Do you own a Bb Treble or a D Treble kalimba, or are you considering getting one? If so, this two-sided, one page writeup spells out the logic behind these kalimbas and helps you understand the various educational resources that are available for these kalimbas. You can download the PDF for free!

You can purchase the Bb Treble kalimba or the D Treble kalimba at the Kalimba Magic Online Shop. You can specify the required key when you order.

The Bb and D Treble Hugh Tracey kalimbas are available only at Kalimba Magic.

And, by the way, this is the basic technology behind The KeyMaster, a discounted set of four Hugh Tracey Alto or Treble kalimbas, which have been tuned to four keys that you want to have at the ready.