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Kollective, by Kalimba Sound System

New CD from Kalimba Sound System: Kollective

Eric Freeman and Kimani have done it again! They have put out a fantastic second CD featuring the grooves of the kalimba, African drumming, and ethereal violin.

You can purchase the great new Kalimba Sound System CD, Kollective, in the Kalimba Magic Shop.




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Sansula Player Rick Tarquinio on Tunings

The Heavenly A tuning of the Sansula comes to us from Rick Tarquinio, aka Tark. Earlier in his music career, he wrote some very nice guitar songs. Now, he is a great kalimba and Sansula player. Tark explains his decision to share this tuning with the world:

When I first found the Heavenly A tuning I was a little hesitant to share it, but I remembered an interview I read with the great slack-key guitarist, Keola Beamer. He talked about how the families on Hawaii were very protective of their tunings and how they'd turn their back when they tuned so you couldn't see what they were doing. They viewed the tunings as family heirlooms or possessions and didn't want other families or especially outsiders stealing them. Keola thought they were stingy and that they risked the music becoming extinct by being that way. So he openly shared his tunings and knowledge and tried to spread the beauty of slack-key as far as he could. He is probably the most known and best-selling of the modern slack-key artists and later other players started following his lead. I'm sure his openness and willingness to share his "secrets" had as much to do with that as his playing did. —Rick Tarquinio

We give a big THANK YOU to Tark for sharing HIS tunings with the world - it is one of four tunings which I explore in the new Sansula book, so hopefully this tuning travels a bit farther than it otherwise would have. Tark actually has several other Sansula tunings which I have not tried out myself, but they sound great. Check out Tark's videos in the Kalimba video section on this page.


New Link to David Chapman's Physics of the Kalimba

From David Chapman

I cannot remember if I sent you this link: http://www.acoustics.org/press/155th/chapman.htm. Out of 3000+ papers at the acoustics conference I attended in Paris in 2009, about 40 papers were chosen for special treatment as Lay Papers for the general public. I was honoured that they chose my kalimba paper. I am told that these online publications will remain published indefinitely. That was the last conference I went to before I retired, so that felt special. It might make a better link than the previous one you used.

I still intend to write up a proper paper with my mathematical analysis. That analysis shows unequivocally that the overtone ratio is a function of the ratio of the "free" length of the tine to the "clamped" length. Since the clamped length is nearly constant for all tines and the free length must change to make different notes, this means the overtone ratio will generally be different for different tines as well. With the Hugh Tracy kalimba with pickup, I was able to collect data with the fundamental and first two overtones on all the tines and match them to my model.