Make Your Own Kalimba Case
Contributed by Jean Siu

Kalimba Case

How do you keep your kalimba safe from accidental mishaps or getting squashed or pushed out of tune in luggage? The cardboard kalimba boxes for the Hugh Tracey kalimbas will last for years, but do not provide superior protection, and sooner or later, that colorful cardboard box will wear out. Many kalimbas don't come with any case. For a while, we sold Frank Gacon's kalimba cases. Then we had AMI's kalimba cases. Now Kalimba Magic sells nothing in the way of cases. There seems to be no good solution on the market.

However, you can create your own stylish kalimba case, custom made for your kalimba. That is what Jean Sui did. And fortunately for all of us, Jean has shared her wisdom on making kalimba cases in this illustrated guide to making kalimba cases.

form fitting
Fabric covers form-fitting styrofoam.

To give you an idea of what is required, here is a list of materials:

» Download Jean Siu's free 8-page illustrated PDF guide to making your own kalimba case.